If your LED bars are connected but do not light up, you must check first several parameters:

Do your connections correspond to those detailed in the manual provided?

Does the power outlet of the power supply work properly? (perform a test with another material).

In MadMapper, is your usb-dmx controller correctly selected? In order to check you have to go to Madmapper / Preferences / Output. If the controller is selected correctly in Output, it should not be selected in Madmapper / Preferences / Input.

In the MadLight MadMapper tool, is the garageCube fixture correctly selected?

Is your Madmapper version up to date?

Plus, on recent Mac computers, be sure to use an official Apple USB adapter.

In the case where all these parameters have been verified, we suggest that you perform a test with a single LED bar and a minimum of connectivity.

Do not hesitate to contact the garageCube support at anytime, precising your computer / OS specs.