Actually MadMapper doesn't behave like a traditional MediaServer.

That's something we'd like to develop in the future.

Until then you have to create you assignments manually.

But it's not that long, depending on the number of controls you want. For instance to choose betwen pre-programmed scenes/cues from a DMX channel, you can open the control list (menu Controls / Control List), go to DMX Tab, press the "+" button on the left and choose "/cues/Bank-1/columns/start_by_number", then you can change the DMX channel number.

To control the master opacity, you either follow the same steps but use address "/master/fade_to_black", or in the main windows of MadMapper, open the "master" tab, right click the "fade to black" slider and choose "Add DMX control".

Basically, you can right click on any widget of the user interface to add a DMX control. Then you can specify the channel and value ranges. Some parameters have no associated widgets, that's why you have to go through the "+" button of the Controls Dialog.

Feel free to contact us at anytime if you need more help,