People are often asking if there is a way to manage an audio track and sync visual to it within MadMapper.

There is not much tutorials about MadMapper / Ableton Live.

But if you can send a MTC (MIDI Time Code) from Live, you can assign a movie position to the MTC.

Here's a demo about Ableton Link but it's only for beat matching :

To sync a movie playback to MTC you need to :

1- put the movie in pause in MM
2- right click the movie position slider and choose "Add MIDI control"
3- Choose Event Type "Time Code", set source range to 0 - length of your movie in seconds.
For instance for a movie that last 120 minutes, set the SOURCE range from 0 to 7200 (seconds).
You can paste the target range max (it would be 7200 in previous example) to the source range.

Last, here's a tutorial about Ableton controls :